Dr. Astrid Mignon Kirchhof

Research Interests

History of Nuclear Energy and Society (HoNESt) in Westgermany

Going Green

HoNESt is a European-Union financed project within the Horizon2020 program. The project takes a new look at the transnational history of nuclear power, how it has been used, and its relationship with society. Questions that are especially important are: How do we ensure energy supply, how can we protect the environment and how will society be able to provide security? Special attention is paid to the historical transformation, for instance the role of the state, the economic climate, and energy prices. I will investigate the politics and social movements of nuclear power in West-Germany, pursue archival research and conduct interviews with different stakeholders. Over twenty researchers across Europe will work in this project together covering different European countries. The findings of all European researchers will be compared and made available to the public through regular newsletters, podcasts, open access publications, conferences, and film.

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